Why We Need #LikeaBoy Too

Why We Need #likeaboy Too

It’s come to my attention there are people out there that don’t like the gender equality #likeagirl movement. To push back, #likeaboy was introduced on social media, primarily to make fun of this movement that was introduced to empower girls and women everywhere. I have to say though, #likeaboy could serve a great purpose. There […]

How to Get Internet-Famous Overnight: Be a Jerk + Tear Down Other Women

Internet Famous for Abs

From my understanding this picture made a lot of people angry this weekend. Let’s talk about it. Meet Abby, AKA “Super Abs.” She’s a Mom to a cute little girl (five-ish?) and according to her Instagram profile she’s also a trainer, WBFF competitor, sponsored by Monster Supplements, has a six-pack and “no excuses.” This woman […]

What I’m Teaching My Children About Food

What I'm Teaching My Children About Food

This weekend my five year old son and I made blueberry muffins. While we were waiting for them to bake my son asked me “Mom, blueberry muffins are healthy, right?” I paused, thinking of how to respond. Our blueberry muffins contained butter, white flour, and white sugar, all foods that other families may call “bad” […]

When to Treat A Child’s Fever

When to Treat a Child's Fever

Last year a friend of mine was taking her daughter to a weekly community play group. The organizer arranged guest speakers to educate parents on various child-related topics. One week a pediatric chiropractor was invited. During her presentation she told parents they should never medicate a fever unless it’s reached 40C/104F. What do you think […]

Fix Me After Pregnancy: The Pelvic Floor with Julie Wiebe, Physiotherapist

Pelvic Floor Interview

In women’s health and fitness circles, Julie Wiebe doesn’t need an introduction. She’s a world-renowned sports medicine and women’s health physiotherapist whose passion is helping women return to fitness after giving birth. Julie’s evidence-based approach to post-pregnancy rehabilitation promotes diaphragm and pelvic floor integration, strengthening women’s cores for function in fitness and in life. See […]