Sunday Meal Prep Ideas – Week #1

Healthy Meal Prep Ideas

My Sunday ritual has become meal prep. The busier my life gets, the more essential this has become. Prepping some of our food for the week allows me to have a healthy, stress-free week when it comes to meal planning. I don’t prep everything, but most of the essentials. That way when I do have […]

The Power of Touch


The waiting room at my husband’s office is always interesting. He works with children, many of which have special needs. These children are the absolute best! I always look forward to visiting because of who I might meet. I had to stop in last week to drop off some paperwork that needed signing. Jon wasn’t […]

Vegetable Buckwheat Soup

VegetableBuckwheatSoup2 copy

I’ve been testing out different gluten-free grains lately and I found a hit! I added a cup of buckwheat to my vegetable soup and it was perfection. Buckwheat, despite it’s name is gluten free and safe for people with Celiac Disease to eat. One cup of buckwheat has 17g of fiber and 22g of protein. […]