One of the Most Amazing Days of my Life

The Most Amazing DayI had one of the best days of my life this past weekend. The five of us spent the day at the beach. We played and swam all day. It was perfect.

I wish I could say I didn’t hesitate before putting on this bikini. But I did. Old habits die hard. I’m still not at my pre-pregnancy weight. I struggle getting sleep and fitting in consistent work-outs. I have stretch marks and loose skin from pregnancy on my tummy and thighs. I don’t, and never will, have a body that society deems as perfect.

But all of that was quickly forgotten within moments of stepping foot on the beach. I spent the day splashing in the ocean with my kids, laughing as the baby stuffed handfuls of sand into his mouth, and stealing kisses from my husband. It was pure, shameless bliss. I don’t have a perfect body, but I am not flawed.

Looking at this photo made it clear to me it’s not just my life anymore but one I share with my children and husband. I don’t want to live and die by a scale or a “perfect” physique. My children don’t need a Mom with a perfect body, they need a Mom that is happy. For me that means pursuing a life of balance. It means embracing the journey and appreciating each day this body gives me.

I won’t ever be that “fit Mom” you follow that’s prepping for a figure competition or even rocking a six pack. I’ve learned I personally cannot pursue those things while maintaining balance. But I will share with you my journey. And I will show you how I create balance. To me, balance prevails above all else. To me, balance is true health.

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  1. Mary L says

    I read that you had diastasis recti. You don’t look like you have it by looking at the photo. My baby is 11 months old and I’m still working to close the gap~

    Awesome mother of three!!

    • says

      Thanks Mary. Yes my ab muscle separation was actually at it’s worst between baby #2 and baby #3. That’s because I didn’t know that I had it and just kept thinking I needed to lose more weight to get rid of my belly! Found out about it just before getting pregnant for the third time. After that I was pretty diligent with preventative exercises and of course post-baby I knew what I needed to do and what I needed to avoid. Keep at it. I truly think our ab muscles want to close after we have a baby, we just need to provide the right environment to promote closure!

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